Welcome Nikon Z8 to the family

In the world of photography, your camera is not just a tool; it’s an extension of your vision and creativity. As a photographer, I’ve always viewed my camera as an essential part of my trade, and over the years, it has been my faithful companion. Recently, I decided it was time for an upgrade, not because I’m a gear enthusiast chasing the latest trends, but because my trusted Nikon D800 had served me well for over a decade, and it was time for a change.

nikon z8 camera commercial photography plymouth

The Evolution of My Gear

My photographic journey began with a Nikon D80, and as I honed my skills, I upgraded to the Nikon D300s, which offered better ISO capabilities. The D300s served me faithfully for several years, but eventually, I decided to explore the world of full-frame cameras and welcomed the Nikon D800 into my toolkit. This workhorse has been my companion for over three years, consistently delivering exceptional results. However, as technology advanced, I began to notice a few limitations that prompted me to consider a new camera.

nikon z8 camera commercial photography plymouth3

Weight: A Significant Factor

One of the primary considerations for my camera upgrade was weight. The D800, paired with the 24-70 F2.8 lens, is a formidable combination, but it’s not lightweight. Carrying it throughout a long wedding day started taking its toll on my wrist and shoulder, prompting me to seek a more ergonomic solution.

Video Capabilities: Meeting New Demands

In response to evolving client demands, I found myself being asked for video services more frequently. While the D800 could deliver 1080p video, its limitations in high frame rates became apparent. To meet these demands effectively, I needed a camera that could provide more versatile video capabilities.

Nikon Z8 Commercial Photography Plymouth

Features That Matter

Another feature I’ve grown to appreciate in the new camera models is face detection and continuous focus. While my previous cameras served me well in spot focus mode, there were instances where subjects moved slightly or the focus was not as precise as I desired. The allure of improved focus and tracking capabilities became a compelling reason to explore a new camera.

The Decision-Making Process

As with any significant decision in my photography business, I set goals and targets. Before committing to a new camera, I challenged myself to secure ten new wedding clients at Westpoint’s Wedding Extravaganza. Achieving this goal would not only validate the need for an upgrade but also make the transition all the more rewarding.

Maria & Jon 1549

Say Hello to My New Friend: The Nikon Z8

Last week, I reached my target of securing ten new wedding clients, and with that achievement, I embarked on the journey of upgrading my camera gear. I walked into my local London Camera Exchange branch in Plymouth, and after careful consideration, I emerged with a brand new Nikon Z8 mirrorless camera.

The bundle from London Camera Exchange included:

  • Nikon Z8
  • Nikon 24 – 120 F4 lens
  • Nikon Z to FX adaptor
  • 128GB CF Express Card

Having read online reviews about the camera’s battery life, I also picked up a second battery for added peace of mind. Additionally, I grabbed the new SanDisk CFExpress card reader since the Z8 shoots to CFExpress and SD cards. It’s worth noting that the new card reader uses a USB-C connection, which may catch a few people off guard.

The Excitement Ahead

I am eagerly looking forward to testing out the Nikon Z8 at my upcoming weddings and comparing its performance to the trusty D800. This transition marks a new chapter in my photography journey, one filled with excitement, anticipation, and the promise of even better results.

Stay tuned for updates and insights as I explore the capabilities and nuances of my new companion, the Nikon Z8 mirrorless camera.

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