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Drone aerial photography, filming & roof inspections service for Devon and Plymouth.

We are qualified, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)-approved and regulated drone operators as well as professional photographers, based in Plymouth, Devon. We cover both Devon and Cornwall offering various drone aerial photography and filming services. All of our pilots are fully insured, including public liability cover as standard.

We are an experienced drone team, taking advantage of the latest drone technology to give you that new perspective with our beautifully detailed aerial photographs and video.

Our aerial photography and film can be used on a multitude of different projects, from property inspections to construction site surveys, but also can be used for events, including wedding photography, landscape surveys and even archaeological investigations.

A birds-eye view can totally transform your perspective and open your imagination to endless possibilities. Whatever your aerial photography or videography need, we can help!

Drone roof and building inspection in Plymouth

Whether you have a portfolio of properties or just need your chimney checking. We have the technology to capture the aerial images you need.

Easily access hard to reach areas and unsafe areas with one of our unmanned aerial vehicles at a fraction of the price or a traditional building inspection or survey.

Professional Drone roof inspections in Plymouth

Your roof is bared to all the elements and yet rarely does it receive regular inspections. Regular drone inspections and the associated drone imagery and video footage can limit the cost of repair by identifying the problem before it escalates.

You can save considerable amounts of money by hiring a professional drone inspection compared to erecting a scaffolding tower. A drone can also cover a much larger area as they are legally allowed to fly up to 400 feet into the sky. It’s also safer and you don’t have to worry about any of the ‘working at height’ safety regulations with a qualified drone pilot by your side.

Find out more about our professional drone roof inspections.

Building site drone photography survey in Plymouth

Track the progress on construction sites using construction site drone photography in Plymouth.

Our construction site surveys help measure stockpiles, provide informative aerial progress reports and assist in accessing hard-to-reach areas for a range of construction companies across the South West.

Using drone imagery from the latest drones helps you enhance safety, increase efficiency, gather data faster, improve asset productivity and gain high-accuracy results across your site, all at very competitive rates.

Aerial photography & video in Plymouth

When you want to be able to capture the fine details and still keep track of the bigger picture, you need to take to the sky.

Drones allow you to capture stunning 4K images and video from the air with greater clarity and without many of the hoops to jump through that other methods require when working at ground level.

It’s a simple, affordable, and flexible way to take a look at anything and everything you need so contact our expert team of pilots for all your aerial photography requirements in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

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