Hello, dear reader. I’m Mike Lister, the heart and lens behind Mike Lister Photography. Living and capturing beautiful stories in Plymouth, and extending my work across Devon and Cornwall, I’ve seen countless couples tread the exciting path of wedding planning. One pivotal step on this journey is attending a wedding fair. But what questions should you arm yourself with? Let me guide you through it. After all, it’s not just about capturing moments, but making sure every moment and every detail is forever yours. So here is my thoughts on What Questions to Ask at a UK Wedding Fair. Let me know what you think.

Why Ask the Right Questions?

Before we dive into the questions, it’s vital to understand their importance. Your wedding is a beautiful tapestry of candid moments, interwoven with orchestrated ones. At its heart, a wedding is deeply personal. Similarly, your choices, be it the florist or the photographer, should resonate with your story. And that’s where the right questions come into play.

Questions to Ask at a UK Wedding Fair

Questions for Photographers: A Personal Touch

Your wedding photographs are the gateway to reliving those cherished moments. They are the tangible memories you’ll hold, share, and revisit. When discussing with potential photographers:


  1. Portfolio Insights: Can I see a full wedding album, not just the highlights? This gives a holistic view of their work.
  2. Style Alignment: How would you describe your photography style? Does it align with storytelling through candid moments?
  3. Experience in Diversity: Have you covered weddings of diverse cultural or religious backgrounds?
  4. Personal Connection: How do you make couples feel at ease, especially those camera-shy ones? It’s essential for capturing candid moments.

Capture Your Forever Moments

Embarking on your wedding planning journey and need a trusted friend to capture those moments? Let’s connect. Mike Lister Photography: “Every Moment, Every Detail, Forever Yours

Beyond Photography: Crafting Your Wedding Tale

While my passion and expertise lie in photography, it’s essential to approach all wedding fair vendors with a keen sense of curiosity. Here are some more questions to consider:


  1. For Florists: How do you source your flowers, and can you cater to specific thematic requests?
  2. Caterers: Can we sample your menu? Do you offer a diverse range of cuisines?
  3. Entertainment: How do you tailor your services to different wedding themes or sizes?
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Mike’s Journey and The Candid Connection:

My journey into photography wasn’t just about mastering the technicalities of a camera. It was about capturing the unspoken, the candid, the fleeting moments that speak volumes. My ethos at Mike Lister Photography has always been about storytelling – understanding that behind every shot is an emotion, a memory, a tale waiting to be told. It’s what drives both the commercial side, bringing businesses into focus, and the wedding facet, ensuring every detail is forever yours.

    See The Bigger Picture:

    Attending a wedding fair can be overwhelming, with its myriad options and choices. However, with the right questions, it becomes an enriching experience, helping you see the bigger picture. It’s about curating moments, ones that stand the test of time, and ones that, years down the line, will evoke a sense of nostalgia. As your companion in this journey, Mike Lister Photography is here to ensure that every detail, every candid laugh, every tear, is forever yours. So, when you’re at that wedding fair, delve deep, ask, and craft your story.

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