Did you know that I don’t just capture magical moments at weddings? When I’m not dressed up for a wedding, you’ll find me out and about, immersed in the world of commercial photography across the beautiful landscapes of Devon and Cornwall. While the wedding season usually spans from March to September, mostly on weekends, I seize the opportunity to fill my diary with captivating corporate photography and drone throughout the year.

My lens captures a wide range of commercial photography, catering to various needs. I offer my expertise to business owners and teams seeking professional photos for their websites and social media presence to properties looking to stand out on platforms like Airbnb. While my commercial photography assignments take me to various locations across the country, I take immense pride in supporting local businesses in and around Plymouth, which I call home.

This week, I had the privilege of photographing the grand opening of the new M&S Kingsley Village store in beautiful Cornwall. Growing up, I gained valuable experience working in the Co-op, which prepared me for the energy and excitement of such events. However, this particular assignment was on a much grander scale.

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Perched gracefully amidst rolling hills, the M&S Kingsley store boasts two levels: a delightful food hall on the ground floor and a department store and café above. My task was to capture the essence of the store, its new graphics, products, and signage.

As I began exploring the store, I was astounded by its size. I started upstairs, where I immersed myself in the household and clothing departments, meticulously photographing the stunning displays created by the talented team. From the latest gift ideas for Father’s Day showcased on mannequins to vibrant tropical shirts and kids’ swimwear, working with mannequins proved to be a breeze—a delightful departure from the usual models.

After capturing the charm of the home department and fitting rooms, I made my way downstairs, where the bakers were adding the finishing touches to the fresh bakery goods ready for the opening. Then, I unexpectedly bumped into a celebrity, adding extra excitement to the day.

Wandering through the store, I found myself in the wine and beer section, relishing the opportunity to capture the essence of this diverse establishment. I noticed charming reminders throughout the store, showcasing local produce and paying homage to the community and Cornwall—a lovely touch that added a sense of authenticity.

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    The time came to gather all the hardworking staff outside the store for a heartfelt M&S thank you. The ribbon was ceremoniously cut, officially declaring the store open. We were joined by three very special guests: Jim Henderson, the Penryn and Falmouth town crier, who announced the store open with gusto; Stormy Stan, the beloved RNLI mascot, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces; and, of course, my personal favourite, the iconic Percy Pig.

    As the day unfolded, I had the opportunity to photograph the enthusiastic staff and the delighted customers as they entered the store. There were even a few lucky winners of the Golden Tickets, which were handed out to the first 200 customers—an exciting start to their shopping experience.

    For events like these, social media and marketing play a vital role. I was tasked with delivering all the photos on the same day, ensuring that the excitement of the grand opening was captured and shared promptly. After a quick visit to the café upstairs for a well-deserved cup of tea, I delved into the process of downloading and editing the images. With years of experience in commercial photography under my belt, I strive to get it right in-camera, minimizing the need for extensive post-processing. Once the images were perfected, I swiftly uploaded them to the internet. I checked in with the team to ensure their satisfaction before bidding farewell and returning to Plymouth.

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    Working on this commercial photography assignment for Marks and Spencer was a delight. It not only provided me with the opportunity to capture stunning visuals but also offered valuable insights into the meticulous preparation that goes into opening a store of this calibre. They say not to meet your heroes, as they might disappoint, but in the case of Percy Pig, my personal favourite, meeting him only strengthened my admiration.

    If you have an upcoming event or occasion that you’d like to have beautifully captured, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll do my best to preserve those precious moments for you. You can contact me at 07815141779 or via email at [email protected]. Let’s create lasting memories together!