After getting engaged, we decided not to let anyone know for a few days except for immediate family so that we could enjoy it.

A few days had passed, we told our friends in person and then the world through social media. After answering all the questions that everyone asks when you become engaged, I thought that would be it for some time, enjoying each others company and carrying on with work, DIY, running a photography business etc. Oh, how I was mistaken!

Within a few days, I spotted Emily wedding dress shopping on her phone. Wedding brochures just started appearing at the door. I asked how she managed to get them so quickly and she told me about

She said all she needed to do was enter contact details, and prospecting venues will send you out promotional material.

And with that, we were in full swing of getting married! I don’t know why but I thought things would happen a lot slower, this being my first wedding to organise my naivety is hopefully forgiven.

In my next post, I will share with you the wedding planning and how we decided on the venue.

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