Formal or informal, simple or complicated, large or small, your event requires the same amount of attention and care. It is important to choose a caterer with whom you get on, as well as one who is open to your ideas and totally committed to the success of your day.

Ask a guest what they remember best about a wedding and it will inevitably be the food. It is worth spending time and a generous portion of your budge on getting it right and to do this, you need the right caterer.

Every event is different and food ideas change with the season, but your dream ideas can become a reality, so finding the person who understands your ideas is crucial? It is amazing what delicacies can be served up in the middle of a field; hot or cold; fully served, budget or the spit roasts and barbeques.

Most venues come with their own package of coordinators, chefs and staff. If you choose to have a marquee in the garden or in a field, you should contact several local caterers and get a feel for what they provide, the quality of their food and the cost. Marquees and portable loos are a must but are generally in high demands and must be booked well in advance.

Couples are advised to meet a prospective caterer for the first time at the venue itself. They are the experts and it’s worth consulting them with your catering requirements before even booking the ceremony. Local caterers often have knowledge of other local professional suppliers such as florists, photographers and musicians.

Cakes are very personal. Have an idea of the design and type of cake before contacting cake suppliers. Ask them to show you examples of cakes they have previously made. This will give you an idea about their creativity.

A good caterer will be able to advise you regarding drink. Most people drink far less than they think they do – four to six glasses of wine or champagne per person on average. Finding a local provider for wine and champagne is fun and they will sell on sale or return. Try some out, it could save you a lot of money and anxiety. Check with your venue however as there maybe a corkage fee.