Good morning, I wanted to share with you our experience in selecting our wedding venue, how and why we picked ours based on our style and theme for our wedding.

We decided to go off and come up with a top 3 venues each and then compare lists and go from there.

As a wedding photographer, I have a slight advantage over Emily as I have been to 40+ wedding venues.

Within a day Emily had her list of venues, I took a few days to get mine done while thinking of mine I mentioned Trevenna to Emily as a venue I’d photographed a few years ago.

By the time I had made my list of venues Emily had taken one of hers off the list and swapped it for Trevenna, this made me tweak my list as well.

Our top 6 venues

Trevenna Barns
Horn of Plenty
Ever After
Pentille Castle
Some other place

We sat down and looked at the venues and checked that they matched our criteria for a wedding venue. ***checklist for venue***

I called and made appointments for 3 venues. Unfortunately, we had to withdraw Ever After from the list as they didn’t meet the checklist criteria, we are getting married in February, and they only offer elopement packages for 8 people.

Horn of Plenty

It was a cold and wet Saturday morning, we drove up through Dartmoor to visit the Horne of Plenty and were greeted by some spectacular views across the valley with low-level mist settling in due to the weather. This added to the atmosphere, and the weather didn’t put us off.

We had the tour of the venue and looked into some of the rooms, met the head chef Ashley and discussed what food options were available if we were to book with them. Ashley and his team would customise the menu to suit your needs, and nothing seemed impossible.

We finished the tour and then had a walk around the grounds and then jumped in the car talking about the venue all the way to our next.

Trevenna Barns

As I mentioned earlier, Trevenna was somewhere I had previously visited with another couple, It’s located in St Neot’s just past the Trago Mills. We pulled in to the carpark and were met by Jonathan. Trevenna is a large venue split across several barns and is a fulltime wedding venue. We walked into the marquee, and I could tell that Emily had fallen in love with Trevenna, we spent some time there discussing ideas, layouts and how the wedding would run.

We then went and looked at all the accommodation Trevenna has to offer as it can accommodate 40 guests on site. Emily would be a terrible poker player as it was clear that she had made her mind up that this is where we were getting married. It just felt right and matched our personalities, we are both very relaxed people, and you get that feeling when you are there.

We drove home discussing the venue and what we were going to do…

Needless to say, we cancelled the other viewing and spoke to Jonathan the following week to secure a date for the venue.