My Wedding Tale – The Big Day

Trevenna Wedding Drone Cornwall Marquee Photography

Written by: Mike Lister

February 25, 2019

Welcome to Trevenna

The day has finally come, I can’t believe it’s finally here. 260 days ago I popped the question to Emily asking her to marry me. In that short time, we were able to arrange the DJ, Photographer, Venue, Catering, Flowers and Photobooth as well as make our own wedding cake, create our own seating plan, wedding favours and other personal touches for the wedding. The week before the wedding we had rain, and even snow for a few days. Just days before the wedding it was cold and wet, but we were fortunate with the weather and caught a break with the weather and had an incredible February day.

The last Supper

Opting for a two-day wedding at Trevenna meant that we could arrive Sunday afternoon to cream tea and scones, unpack and decorate the venue setting up all the tables, centrepieces, and kids corner while Emily assembled the wedding cake and added the finishing details.
While we were doing this, our guests were checking in to the venue and relaxing in the farmhouse ready for supper.
We liked the idea of a two day wedding because it made everything very relaxed and gave us plenty of time to socialise with guests that had come from afar (Canada, Scotland, Sweden) This meant that we weren’t rushed on the day trying to catch up with everyone that we may not have seen for a while.

Getting ready in the morning

I don’t know about Emily, but I didn’t sleep very well, turns out my best friend suffered from restless leg syndrome and was kicking the bed in the middle of the night. After a generous portion of pancakes and bacon and a few mugs of tea, I wandered off to my room to get showered and start writing my speech.

Yes, I hadn’t written my speech by then. I knew what I wanted to say, but I didn’t want to write it down and just read word for word from a script, so instead, I decided to bullet point everything I wanted to say and fill in the gaps during the speech.

I still had a few hours before I had to greet guests, so I took advantage of the good weather and took my drone our for a little flight around the venue to showcase the site for my blog.

Some people thought I was crazy for taking it with me on my wedding day but I knew I wouldn’t get another opportunity to photograph and film the venue again and as the weather was on my side I had too!


The Ceremony

The ceremony went off without a hitch, although the weather was nice it was chilly, so we got married indoors. Waiting for Emily to come down the stairs I was cool as a cucumber, I’ve been very relaxed with the run-up to the wedding, and the ceremony would be no exception. I knew Emily was the one for me so why would I be nervous. 

After a short ceremony, it was official, and we were husband and wife!


The food at Trevenna was another reason we chose the venue. After the tasting evening, we had a good idea of what we’d be in for, and we weren’t disappointed. Trevenna delivered again, and we had lots of comments about how amazing the food was. We had missed the canapes because of all the well wishes and photos, so the staff came out with a small plate with a few of each so that we didn’t miss out which we thought was terrific after we went to all the effort to select them all and then not have any because we were busy. Another good reason why we decided to have our wedding at Trevenna.

Following on from the food were the speeches, I am not a big public speaker, but after some anecdotes from the father-in-law, it was my turn. Being the groom, my speech isn’t as bad as you think it is. I kept it very simple and thanked everyone for coming, both sets of parents and then shared the story of how Emily and I met, just how much I love her and then thank you gifts and an introduction to the best man.


Evening guests started arriving after they finished work from 6pm, the Richard from Richards Time Machine was there to help get the party started, and he was outstanding. Emily had a special dance that she wanted to do as a warm-up for the first dance. We had selected a first dance song that Richard had never played before for our first dance. We picked the song from ‘Toy Story – You’ve got a friend in me’ that totally celebrates our relationship perfectly. 

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