Corporate Event Photography in Plymouth, Devon.

Charity Fundraisers

Capture the heart and soul of your charity event with Mike Lister Photography, where every candid smile and generous gesture is immortalized to inspire and engage supporters.

Elevate your fundraising with evocative images that tell the story of your cause’s impact and dedication.

Working across the South West, we even have professional studio equipment and printing facilities to be able to provide you with all of you with an all in one solution.

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Proms and School Events

Entrust Mike Lister Photography to encapsulate the youthful spirit and exuberance of your proms and school events, creating keepsakes that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Our service ensures that every moment, and jubilant friendships are beautifully preserved.

With online hosting we can provide a online experience for everyone to enjoy afterwards.

Black Tie Galas

Make your black-tie gala an affair to remember with Mike Lister Photography’s elegant and sophisticated coverage, complemented by our exclusive 10 x 8 printing facilities to provide guests with beautiful prints as a cherished takeaway.

Excellence in every shot, luxury in every print.

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Corporate Parties

Capture the success and camaraderie of your corporate events, from high-energy office parties to refined New Year’s Eve galas and company celebrations, with Mike Lister Photography.

With a knack for capturing the candid moments that matter most, we provide a professional touch that enhances the festive atmosphere of your gatherings.

Whether it’s the shared laughter over a successful quarter or the electric excitement of ringing in the New Year together, Mike Lister Photography is dedicated to turning these moments into a vivid narrative.

Private Celebrations

Mike Lister Photography brings warmth and intimacy to your private celebrations, ensuring every laugh and every embrace is immortalised.

Trust us to add a personal touch to your special occasions, making every image a testament to your joyous gatherings.

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