Changing your name after the wedding can quickly become one of the most confusing things about the whole process of getting married, and staring at the paperwork can quickly take the romance out of the situation.

Luckily though, it’s not that difficult when you know how.

The marriage certificate is the key document you need. It’s often enough just to show it, or submit a scanned in copy, to have your name amended on the various bits and pieces you need. It will also be free (with the exception of your new passport).

Want it done for the Big Day?

This is a little different, because you won’t get your marriage certificate until after you tie the know. In this case deed poll is the way to go. We would strongly suggest applying for the deed poll ahead of time (normally takes around 3 weeks) and write the date of your wedding in the comments box. The deed poll will then be dated for your wedding day, meaning you can sign on the day and have your new name right away. 

If you wanted to see your new name in your passport ready for the honeymoon you can apply up to three months before the wedding ceremony but you can’t travel on your new name until you are officially married. 

Who to notify: 


● The bank 

● Credit Card companies 

● Employers 

● Pension provides 

● Local authority 

● Passport office 

● Utility services 


● Breakdown cover and car insurance 

● The doctor / dentist 

● Gym 

● Inland Revenue 

● Mortgage 

● Paypal 

● The Vets / your pets microchip

● Phone contract provider 

● TV / Internet

● Social media accounts