The big day is officially over, however the nuptials are far from complete… have you thought about what you need to do, after you have said ‘I do’? Well, today is your lucky day! We have listed some of the things to add to the all important ‘After wedding to do list’ that you may not have known even existed. 

1) Get your dress professionally cleaned and stored in a dry place. 

2) Leave helpful reviews about your various wedding suppliers. 

3) If you wish to change your married name, do them all simultaneously to avoid  confusion. Check out some of the legalities of these here

 4) Check your tax situation as a married couple, you may be entitled to tax relief in some situations 

5) Send ‘Thank you’ notes for wedding gifts, why not write out 10 a night to lighten the load? 

6) If you received unwanted gifts, see if some shops will accept returns. Guests often leave gifts receipts too. 

7) Finalise your wedding video, if you leave it too long you may forget!

8) Discuss finances – should you have a joint bank account? 

9) Figure out things like joint insurance plans and make changes to insurance details. 

Happy to do list ticking!