People often ask me why they should have a second photographer at their wedding so I thought I’d spend some time to go over my 3 top reasons why having a second photographer is a good idea.

There are so many reasons to have a second shooter at your wedding, and the biggest one is that you will never be able to repeat your wedding and you don’t want to miss any crucial moment. Unfortunately, when having only one wedding photographer, you are always sacrificing missed moments on your big day as your attention is on one part of the wedding, something different is happening behind you. Your photographer can’t be in two places at once.

1.) We CAN be in two places at once.

With two photographers, we can tell your story from both perspectives while getting ready, capturing those moments of anticipation. We’ve been guests at weddings that have had only one photographer, and when the bride was finishing getting ready, the photographer had to rush to stand where the ceremony was held and wait there so as not to miss her walking down the aisle.

However, in doing this, the photographer missed the bride putting on her veil, and her getting into the wedding car with her father. We love to be able to capture all these little details that make up your wedding day. 

Another example, with two photographers for your wedding you can have the wide images that showcase the venue and all your guests, maybe from up high if the venue has a viewing platform as well as those close up images of those glances exchanged between each other, the ring exchange and first kiss.

As two photographers, we can capture all the guest’s reactions as well. We love to be able to capture all these little details that make up your wedding day. Each little moment is so important, and we love being able to capture every second! 

2.) Different Perspectives

With two photographers, we can capture scenes from both perspectives of the wedding from behind and in front, from different angles and perspectives, allowing us to be more creative. This way we don’t miss moments and reactions. As two photographers, we each have a slightly different style and feel this adds depth to our work that captures your wedding day in the best light. 

3.) Groomsmen and Bridesmaid Prep.

Having two shooters on your wedding day can be crucial when groomsmen and bridesmaids are getting ready in different locations. We split up and capture those precious moments, the Dress hanging in a window, the jewellery, bridesmaids, first look at the dress reaction shots. We also hang out with the groom and best man to get the wedding rings, groom getting ready and the guests arriving. By having two photographers, we don’t have to rush around and know we are going to get all the important details from the day.

We average an additional 30% more images when we use a second photographer for work, giving you more choice for the wedding album